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7 Secrets for Beautiful Skin

1- Hydration

Hydration of the skin comes from the humidity in the air around us and not only from the water we drink. So apply moisturizer, serum and seal the hydration with a natural gel to reduce the loss of moisture in air and allow the product to work in to the skin for long.

2- Hair

  • - Hair has to undergo heat styling, artificial color, chemical treatment, products made of harmful chemicals. All these accumulate toxins on the scalp, damage hair from within.
  • - Ayurvedic formulations with pure & natural rare herbs help strength, nourish, protect & stimulate hair imparting long term benefits.
  • - Go Chemical Free for Scalp & Hair.
  • - Include Amla juice with Honey, Coconut, Flaxseeds, Nuts and consume a high protein diet.
  • - Apply an Ayurvedic hair mask weekly. Ayurvedic Hair oil for strengthening before every wash and follow up with a natural hair serum. Avoid all chemical based products for hairs.

3- Masque/ Skin Food

  • - Skin masques are very important for firming, closing open pores, uplifting deep seated impurities & pollutants.
  • - Apply firming clay packs twice a week.
  • - Quick nourishing herbs packs every day.
  • - Apply curd and cucumber during summers and during winter apply curd and carrot juice on the face every alternate day for all skin type.

4- Educate

  • - As harsh treatments can cause irreversible damage to hair, improper skin products can cause failure of epidermis natural balance & cause health hazards.
  • - Educate yourself about, what should not be in your cosmetics like parabens, artificial fragrances, phenols, petroleum products, mineral oils, PEG’s other such synthetic ingredients. Read the labels, carefully chose cosmetics with natural & naturally derived only.

5- Timing

  • - While exercising leave the skin bare. Do not block the pores, with products as the skin is in detox mode, flushing out toxins.
  • - For maximum absorption & to stimulate optimal skin renewal, apply regenerative products while relaxing, meditating, resting. E.g. Natural Butters, Hydrating Gels, Natural Serum. When the body is at rest, cellular activity is faster & blood flow increases, carrying oxygen, vitamins, immune cells & repairing elements to tissues.

6- To avoid Deeping of fine lines

  • - Sleep on your back.
  • - Use a satin/silk pillow cases it also helps to retain skin moisture as cotton & other fabrics absorb moisture from skin & hair leaving it dry & parched each morning.

7- Sat chit Ananda

Meditation pose following Ayurvedic Therapies, leads to unbounded happiness, which is the source of vedic beauty, leading to pure bliss consciousness known as Sat Chit Ananda in Sanskrit.

Follow anti- stress therapies like Yoga & Meditation for Radiant ever youthful skin.