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Ayurvedic Cleansing & Misting
Ayurvedic Cleansing & Misting
All Skin Type


  • 1pc Tej vardak Ubtan 25gm

  • 1pc Rose, Milk and Vanilla Bathing bar 120 gm

  • 1pc Rose facial mist 100 ml


Gift of gorgeous skin with Ayurvedic ubtan to exfoliate, rose infused bathing bar and mist. Lovingly wrapped with gotta ribbon ...

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Usage and Tips


Apply bathing bar on wet skin to gently cleanse, lather and rinse well.


Chandan is the Indian name of Sandalwood known for its fragrance, is high in anti-oxidants. It is considered sacred and used in many Indian rituals. It is cooling and anti-aging and impart a beautiful glow to the skin, Excellent for Dryness, irritation, itching and inflammation.

The herb of love, it is astringent, anti-inflammatory, promotes cell regeneration, highly penetrative, nourishing and cooling. Its oil, a valuable anti-aging formula was discovered by princess Noor- Djiban during the Mughal reign. It takes 40 roses to produce one drop of rose oil. Works as a general skin tonic, balances, rapidly energies and is anti-depressant.

Known as ‘Magic spice’ for a flawless skin. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, oil balancing, anti-aging, healing agent, natural antiseptic and removes dead cells. Rich in anti- oxidants, protects the skin against damage, rejuvenates reduces scares and pigmentation, renders the skin smooth, glowing and youthful.

Has been used since ancient time as a natural cleanser. Extremely moisturising, the cream feeds the skin by permeating through cells delivering calcium, Vit A, Vit B6, B12, niacin riboflavin, selenium, alpha hydroxyl acids. The skin is softer, smother, nourished. It controls acne, eczema and is anti-aging.

It has anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties. Almonds are highly emollient, help maintain moisture balances in the skin, very nourishing and restorative. Being eye shaped, it has long been known to be an elixir for eyes nutritive for brain and nervous system. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids & vitamin E helps improves lashes thickness & imparts shine.

This milk is rich in vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6 as well as iron, selenium, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. The ayurvedic preparations made from coconut improve skin complexion, help in skin diseases and aid in excellent hair growth. It boosts hair follicles and help to stimulate hair growth. It also helps to restore dry, weak and damaged hair as well as split ends.

Rich in GLA, or Gamma Linoleic Acid, which helps in maintaining the balance of moisture in the skin & keeps it toned and firm. A strong anti-oxidant that fights damage caused by free radicals. It has rich content of vitamin E, A and C, beneficial for treating dry, mature, scaly and sensitive skin. Highly potent to penetrate deeply into the skin and repair the damaged skin cells from within. Regular massaging with this supports in retaining the clarity, elasticity, suppleness and all other signs of a healthy skin.

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A gift of gorgeous skin