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Rose and Pomegranate Cream
For All Skin Types/ Dry Skin

100% Pure Herbs, Fruits, flowers, Cold pressed oils

Soft & Radiant skin Formula


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Light formula with organic nutrients deeply hydrate, improve elasticity, promote tissue strength leave skin soft, supple & regenerated. Nourishing jojoba, ...

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Usage and Tips


Usage and Tips : Apply to face and neck as a daily nourishing formula using upward strokes.



Water soluble protein derived from wheat, it penetrates the cortex of each strand. It strengthens and moisturizes hair, increases its ability to receive and maintain moisture, Conditions hair fibers, reduces porosity and greatly improves the body, smoothness and luster of hair.

This milk is rich in vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6 as well as iron, selenium, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. The ayurvedic preparations made from coconut improve skin complexion, help in skin diseases and aid in excellent hair growth. It boosts hair follicles and help to stimulate hair growth. It also helps to restore dry, weak and damaged hair as well as split ends.

Interesting jojoba is not oil but a golden coloured liquid wax extracted from the seed of the jojoba plant and is oil balancing. It contains all vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin and hair. Vit E, B-complex, copper, Zinc, selenium, iodine and chromium. It lightens scars, stretch marks are anti-acne, anti-fungal.

Derived by cold pressing almonds to preserve all naturally occurring compounds to maximize benefits to skin. It makes the skin pump and firm, natural emollient, clears dead skin, nourishes with naturally occurring Vit E is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, anti-aging. This high density lipo protein is rich in omega 3, fatty acid which improve complexion.

The herb of love, it is astringent, anti-inflammatory, promotes cell regeneration, highly penetrative, nourishing and cooling. Its oil, a valuable anti-aging formula was discovered by princess Noor- Djiban during the Mughal reign. It takes 40 roses to produce one drop of rose oil! Works as a general skin tonic, balances, rapidly energies and is anti-depressant.

The incredible antioxidant, anti- microbial, anti-inflammatory properties of pomegranate. Impart a radiant and glowing skin. It is used to treat aging and dry skin, age spots, hyper pigmentation and acne. Pomegranate is rich in iron, vitamin E copper, zinc nourishing the skin with these nutrients makes it supple, smooth and regenerates skin cells. It is a natural sun protectant.

Ohria Loves It For


The skin plumps and softens like a baby’s skin!


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love this cream,cream is really very good
love this cream,cream is really very good
Review by kevin / (Posted on 1/6/2021)
Love this Cream
love this cream, this creamy to everyone who need moisture for long hours,So hydrating & light feel, I'm satsfied with product it's better than others product.
Review by Pratima / (Posted on 3/10/2018)