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Rose & Honey Hydrating Gel
For All Skin Type/ Dry skin
  • 100% Natural Pure Plant Gel, Floral Extracts, Honey
  • Firming,Emollient,Soothing


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Deeply hydrates revitalizes, soothes dry & itchy blemished skin. Rose & Marigold Floral waters nourishes & strengthens elasticity while Honey ...

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Usage and Tips


Usage : Apply to face and neck by itself or combine with Ohria moisturizer/cream during day or with Ohria Night Repair Serum.

Tips : To naturally mattify makeup dab on skin. Let it absorb of few minutes. It forms an invisible layer also to protect skin from harmful effects of chemicals in makeup.

To reduce occurrence of whiteheads and blackheads, dab as last layer each time you step out.



It absorbs into the skin four times faster than water. Rich in Vit A, C, D, E and B12, it has soothing and cooling properties, prevents signs of aging, moisturises, reduces acne, lightens blemishes, helps treat sunburn and reduces tan.

The herb of love, it is astringent, anti-inflammatory, promotes cell regeneration, highly penetrative, nourishing and cooling. Its oil, a valuable anti-aging formula was discovered by princess Noor- Djiban during the Mughal reign. It takes 40 roses to produce one drop of rose oil. Works as a general skin tonic, balances, rapidly energies and is anti-depressant.

It contains numerous antioxidants which helps the cells from damaged caused by free radicals. Marigold effective in inflammation, itchiness, eczema etc, Mesmerizing aroma fills mind with cheerfulness and calmness.

According to principles of Ayurveda honey has cleansing properties. It clears the clogged skin pores and rejuvenates skin. It scrapes the excess oil secretion without stripping the natural oil of skin. Its anti-aging properties help skin to look younger.

Protects skin cells from damaging free radicals due to its antioxidant activity. Reduces the appearance of wrinkle and fine lines, scars, stretch marks and age spots. It restores and rejuvenates dehydrated skin, recovers sun burn.

Ohria Loves It For


Its ability to combine with any product and seal its benefits for long!