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Return to your Roots: Ubtan

Return to your Roots: Ubtan

‘Every woman wants to live with a beautiful skin’. However, in the current era, everyone wants to look good, feel good, and do good. So, the burning question here is:

In a world of cosmetics, laser, surgery and chemicals, can one get healthy and plump skin with the chemical-filled products only?

Well, the answer is a certain ‘No’. Chemical products are not really going to do any good to you. They make your skin sun-sensitive and cancer-prone after long-term usage. The best way to restore the natural charisma and beauty of the skin is by using natural products.

The beauty of Cleopatra and Helen doesn’t need any introduction. Their beauty rituals included pure organic and natural ingredients. Years later also, one can’t deny the promising effect of natural products on one’s mind, body, and soul. Ancient Ayurveda beauty rituals are being revived and are gaining popularity.

Whether it is Kate Hudson or Shilpa Shetty, all are swearing by the efficacy of ancient Ayurvedic beauty rituals. Whenever we talk about flawless and glowing skin, exfoliation and proper hydration are the two things that come to our mind. While hydration keeps skin nourished, regular exfoliation supports the skin’s auto-renew process.

Ubtan is a gentle and deep skin Ayurvedic cleansing method; an amazing natural skincare mix that can turn your dream of flawless skin into a reality. A perfect blend of herbs and natural skin benefitting ingredients, Ubtan is an ancient cosmetic treasure trove that has been loved since ages.

One solution for all your hassles

Ubtan has the ability to cure many common yet bothersome skin hassles. If that sunburn is troubling you then don’t worry. Mix a spoonful of Ubtan with honey and milk or aloe vera and apply it on your face. Everyone will fall in love with your skin’s glow once again.

Are you tired of pimples and acne?

Ubtan is the solution, as it has great anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help heal the skin from the inside.

Ubtan made from turmeric and sandalwood can surely reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make you look years younger.`

  • Are you bothered by that peach fuzz on your face?

Don’t worry. A gentle Ubtan scrub is a natural way to get rid of facial hair. So, the benefits of Ubtan are impressive enough to replace your soap-based cleanser.

How to use ubtan for various skin types?

All you need to do is pick the right ubtan and choose the right mixing agent. Here are our suggested Ubtan mixtures for flawless skin -

  • If you have oily skin, mix ubtan with the rose water to reduce the excess oil.
  • To curb the dryness of your face, mix the ubtan with warm milk and milk cream (malai).
  • Similarly, you should use curd or aloe vera pulp to mix the ubtan if you have combination skin.
  • For acne-prone/sensitive skin, one should mix ubtan with cucumber juice.
  • To get rid of pigmentation, you should mix the ubtan with the potato pulp. During winters, using carrot juice instead of potato pulp is a better option.
Can homemade Ubtan do all these wonders?

The turmeric, available in the market today, has lost its medicinal value after too much processing. The sandalwood powder that you have purchased from your local grocery shop can be adulterated.

Ubtans are effective only if the ingredients are pure, hand grounded, organic, and free from any impurities. So, if you are thinking to create wonder ubtan, you need to have professional helping hand like the queens in ancient time had who will ensure that everything from ingredients picking and mixing is flawless. Sadly, such perfection doesn’t exist in today’s world.

So, what’s the way out?

Buying a 100% natural Ubtan from a trusted brand. The Tej Vardhak Cleanser by Ohria is packed with the goodness of 100% natural lentils, fruit powders, flowers and herbs of 14 types. The regular use of this herbal Ubtan can lead to supple, nourished, and rejuvenated skin. The best part is it is suitable for all sorts of skin types. So, whether you are tensed about every new pimple popping out in the morning or dried-out skin, it is going to do wonders on your skin.

If you have dehydrated skin then mix Tej Vardhak Ubtan and milk and your long lost lustre will be back. For deep cleaning and polished look, don’t wash off the mixture. Just brush off the dried ubtan in upwards direction and voila!!! You will glow like anything.

So, say goodbye to your chemical-filled skincare products and return to your roots to get that natural sheen and shine. Just open the Tej Vardhak ubtan jar and you are ready to get the skin which is the talk of the town.