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Bridal Rituals and Skincare

Bridal Rituals and Skincare

Brides in Hindu ancient texts are said to have ‘Lakshmi roopa’. The divine energy of goddess of beauty blesses to be the epitome of beauty on her wedding day.

Beauty of the Indian brides is incomparable. To enhance it even more, we believe the bride should adorn SolahShringar- sixteen arts of beauty - for the wedding day.

SolahShringar has lost its mythological association with our beautiful heritage. In the ancient times,Indian brides used to indulge in Ubtan bathing, Shiroabhyanga, hair braiding, henna, body massages, jewels, etc. to beautifythemselves. Pre-Bridal rituals included the ubtan-bathfrom ‘Peethis’ made from sandalwood, essential oils, turmeric, rose, and various other natural ingredients to get that ultimate glow.

Ohria revives the wedding beauty rituals, the traditional way of adorning shringar for the groom/bride-to-be. Bringing back the holistic wedding beauty and skincare rituals to look your best on your D-Day.

For skin which is the talk of the town

For a natural glow, these skincare regimes can be followed:

  • For a natural sheen,while retaining moisture, start using a natural face cleanser.
  • Use pure ‘ark’ to seal the natural moisture and lock the natural suppleness. You must be shopping hard for your wedding. So, keep a bottle ofnatural facial mist in your bag and spray on the go.
  • The secret of a glowing skin is the timely removal of the dead skin. That is why using natural facial Ubtan twice a week is a must. It will gently remove dead skin and promote new skin cell generation process. You can use coconut oil and cow’s milk or curd to mix the Ubtan powder.
  • A face mask or ‘MukhLepam’ is another effective way to have flawless skin, enhanced complexion, and unclogged pores. We have come up with our one secret DIY face mask recipe exclusively for you. Take 1 tsp of almond powder, cook it in milk on a slow flame to release its natural oil, add a pinch of saffron and its ready to give you that glowing skin.
  • No matter what, never skip sunscreen.
  • Take regular sessions of ‘SarvangaAbhyanga’ body massages to ensure blood circulation through the body. Also, we highly recommend Shrikamya body oil for a glowing and skin lightening body treatment.
For those lovely locks

Another mark of beauty is healthy and lustrous hair. If you want to own some then go for ‘ShiroAbhyangam’ or hair oiling before every hair wash. Also, don’t forget to useaherbal hair mask to enrich and nourish the hair. Amla&Shikakai based shampoos are the best way to remove dirt and dust without damaging natural hair moisture.

Besides this, a ritual of Japa Pushpa oil before wash, once a week, will help in making your hair flawless. Apply Amrut Beej hair mask, and then gently wash them with honey and coconut milk cleanser for extra glossy andhealthy hair.

For a healthy body

Your facial glow and lustrous hair are strongly dependant ona healthy body and lifestyle. Here’s how to do that -

  • Drink coconut water daily. Plus, a glass of milk nourished with cardamom, saffron, and turmeric before sleep is what you need to glow from within.
  • Keep refined sugar & flour, processed food, and caffeine at bay if you wish to have a natural glow and perfect body.
  • Have a minimum of 8 hours of good night’s sleep and support the skin’s renewal process.
  • Yoga and brisk walking are your best friends if you wish to have a drooling figure. This promotes proper blood supply and enhances natural glow.
  • Consume healthy fruit & vegetable juices. Drinks made by blending carrot, avocado, pineapple, beetroot, and tomatoes can give you flawless and shining skin, supplying all the essential skin nutrients.
For a peaceful mind and soul

As they say, the face is the mirror of your inner health, to look your best on your Big Day you need to shed off the tiredness and anxiety. A relaxing session of Shirodharawould do wonders. This ancient Ayurveda beauty ritual is very relevant in today’s chemical-filled world. With the right blend of natural herbs and oils, a Shirodhara session will revive you from the core and make you feel energetic.

Lastly, take out sometime to connect with yourselfthrough meditation. It will help you to get calm, peaceful, and serene mind that reflects absolute beauty.

It’s your D-day and you deserve to truly look your best.