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Anti acne Ritual Kit
For oily/ Acne prone skin/ congested skin

Detox, Detan, Oil balancing, Skin Clarifying

Ritual Kit Contains:-

  • 1Pc Tej Vardak Face wash Ubtan - 20g

  • 1 Pc Lodhra Vacha Face pack- 20g

  • 1 Pc Himalayan Clay Masque - 20 g

  • 1 Pc Turmeric and saffron Moisturizer/ Paimanjal & Kesar Day Lotion 15 Ml

  • 1 Pc Neem & Tulsi Hydrating Gel -15 ml


A carefully curated ritual to balance oil secretions, reduce acne, disinfect skin reducing acne marks and rendering a natural glow. ...

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Usage and Tips


Cleanse : Mix 2 tsps of Tej Vardak with few drops of water or Rose water to make a paste. Apply evenly, Rinse well. For absorbing excess oil, let it dry. Rinse well.

Remedy : Mix Lodhra Vacha in curd or Rose water. Apply on cleansed face. Let It dry, Rinse well. Use Lodhra Vacha 4 to 5 Times a week initially. For maintenance continue usage twice a week.

Detox : Use Himalayan Clay Masque to deep cleanse twice a week. Apply on cleansed face, let it dry. Rinse.

Hydrate : Use Gel by itself for oil free hydration or in combination with moisturizer.

Moisturize: Apply on cleansed and neck.



The antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-viral properties of neem effectively heal chronic, irritated skin conditions and disorders including acne, psoriasis, eczema, athlete’s foot and dandruff.

Tea Tree oil has powerful antibacterial properties and therefore, it makes an effective natural remedy for acne. It also moisturizes dry & cracked skin.

It absorbs into the skin four times faster than water. Rich in Vit A, C, D, E and B12, it has soothing and cooling properties, prevents signs of aging, moisturises, reduces acne, lightens blemishes, helps treat sunburn and reduces tan.

Known as ‘Magic spice’ for a flawless skin. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, oil balancing, anti-aging, healing agent, natural antiseptic and removes dead cells. Rich in anti- oxidants, protects the skin against damage, rejuvenates reduces scares and pigmentation, renders the skin smooth, glowing and youthful.

This tropical fruit offers skin lightening properties that help clear blemishes and pigmentation. beta-carotene, enzymes, and phytochemicals present in papaya help promote fairness. The enzyme papain, along with the alpha-hydroxy acids, acts as a powerful exfoliator and dissolves inactive proteins and dead skin cells, thus leaving your skin lighter and softer.

Moisturises skin, reduces fine line and wrinkle, firms skin, reducing pigmentation.

Pure zinc bhasma protects against sun damage and harmful ultra violet rays. It is anti-aging, maintains cell membrane, moisturises skin keeping it soft and nourished. It has anti-acne and healing properties.

A natural sun protectant, protecting against ultra violet radiation and sun rays and has anti-oxidants properties. It also helps in detoxifying.

Its name in Sanskrit means “that which makes the body firmer.” Lodhra nourishes the skin and benefits in acne, wrinkles and other health issues related with skin. It lightens skin colour, reduces skin irritation and benefits for acne, wrinkles & is useful in skin diseases requiring purification of the skin. lodhra is shavaro (making the body and skin very attractive) and galavastatha (helping the whole body to maintain its shape).

It is known as Myrtle grass. It improves the blood circulation and increases oxygen in skin cells. It has anti-pollutant and healing properties so it can easily heal inflammation, irritation & swelling due to pollutants.

Dhaniya seeds also known as Dhanyaka. It works like astringent & exfoliator and has antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and detoxifying properties. It has high content of vitamin C which gives instant brightening and lightening.

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