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"Ohria extends its hands in friendship, assuring care & love through our pure natural ayurvedic ingredients & formulations. These kits contain a combination of selected products in small quantites with an Ohria recommended ritual. A promise of a beautiful lifetime !"

We are friends!

  • Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

    Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

    Extracted from freshly matured coconuts by cold pressing

  • Tongue Cleaner

    Tongue Cleaner

    Ohria’s Pure Copper Tongue Cleaner to improve oral health by scraping the tongue.

  • Kansa Foot  Massage Wand with Amrit Ras Foot Balm

    Kansa Foot Massage Wand with Amrit Ras Foot Balm

    Ohria Ayurveda revives this age-old traditional Ayurvedic massage tool, Kansa- ‘healing metal from the Harappan culture....

  • Dhanwantaram Thailam/Oil

    Dhanwantaram Thailam/Oil

    Dhanwantaram Body Massage oil is based on a classical Ayurvedic

  • Body Kansa and Dhanwantaram Oil Combo

    Body Kansa and Dhanwantaram Oil Combo

    The combo of Body kansa massage wand & Dhanwantaram Body Massage oil is designed

  • Glass eyecups

    Glass eyecups

    Glass eye cups with bevelled Design for Netra Shudhi, an ancient yoga practice for eye cleansing.



    An all Natural box consisting of products having ethically  sourced ingredients with Ayurvedic botanicals to enhance your beauty naturally. 

  • Kansa Face Massage Ritual

    Kansa Face Massage Ritual

    “Mukh Abhyanga” is performed using The Kansa Vataki, Indian Face Massage Wand to open the Ayurveda pressure Points.

  • Age Delay Ritual

    Age Delay Ritual

    The secret art of massaging “Mukh Abhyanga” is performed using

  • Face Glow Ritual (Her)

    Face Glow Ritual (Her)

    Skin restorative treatment for a rejuvenated glowing & a brightened complexion.

  • Hair Spa Ritual (Her)

    Hair Spa Ritual (Her)

    Extremely nourishing blend of natural oils & butters to hydrate & repair dry, damaged & dehydrated hair.

  • Body Polish Ritual (Her)

    Body Polish Ritual (Her)

    Ayurvedic ubtan soaked in nourishing butters to boost circulation & polish the skin to a supremely smooth, soft & a healthy sheen.

  • Face Glow Ritual (Him)

    Face Glow Ritual (Him)

    An ayurvedic immersive experience to truly radiate & transform your skin to a healthy hydrated smooth texture.

  • Anti Dandruff Combo

    Anti Dandruff Combo

    Ayurvedic treatment to infuse new life into the hair with supreme softness & luster.

  • Body Care Ritual (Him)

    Body Care Ritual (Him)

    Skin brightening massage with Shrikamya makes skin firm, luminous, clear & smooth.

  • Anti Hair Fall Ritual Kit

    Anti Hair Fall Ritual Kit

    A beautiful hair range containing rare Ayurvedic botanicals for hair nourishing & strengthening.

  • Skin Radiance & Brightening Ritual

    Skin Radiance & Brightening Ritual

    A careful selection of nature’s most beautiful herbs to enhance and recharge skin’s radiance and glow.

  • Anti acne Ritual Kit

    Anti acne Ritual Kit

    A carefully curated ritual to balance oil secretions, reduce acne & disinfect skin.

  • Dry Skin Kit

    Dry Skin Kit

    Ayurvedic botanicals blend in this ritual kit to hydrate, improve circulation and strengthen skin

  • Dashamool Powder

    Dashamool Powder

    A unique Classical combination of ten incredible Roots of Medicinal plants highly revered

  • Detox Box

    Detox Box

    A holistic Ayurvedic detox box consisting of tools and products to empower your health by removing toxins on a daily basis.

  • Tej Vardak Body Ubtan

    Tej Vardak Body Ubtan

    An all natural hand pounded ubtan enriched with goodness of almond & sandalwood, barley flour,

  • Triphala Powder

    Triphala Powder

    Triphala, a healing remedy in Ayurveda, revered for its health benefits & longevity.